Domain Registration Service

Domain registration is free when you sign up for the Master Plan.

Domains must be renewed each year or else they will expire and someone else will then be able to purchase the name. However, with’s Master Plan you never have to worry about that. Each year when you renew your account with us, your domain will also be renewed and secured.

If you already own your own domain name and you’re happy managing it, that’s perfectly fine with us. However, if you prefer to have a single point of contact for all related web services, we will happily transfer your domain to

Your domain can have any of the following extensions:

  • .com   The most popular domain! Do you have yours?
  • .ca      The domain for Canada
  • .co      Global, credible and recognizable!
  • .info    Put your information on the Web
  • .net    The perfect complement to a .COM
  • .org    Perfect for your non-profit
  • .me     A domain that’s all about YOU
  • .mobi  Give customers on-the-go access to your site
  • .us     Get your hands on the all-American domain
  • .biz     A domain that means business
  • .cc      There’s only one domain for the Cocos Islands
  • .ws     An all-purpose website domain
  • .asia   Reach the growing Asian market
  • .tv      A popular domain for multimedia websites

Newer Domain Extensions:


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