Restaurant Website Marketing

Come InOne of the best marketing tools for a restaurant is an attractive website. Your customers want to see a clean and welcoming website that resembles your business. It is important to provide basic information such as your location, parking, types of food or menu, hours, and specials. Your restaurant website does not need to be exceptionally fancy to attract customers, but it does need to be inviting and free of errors.

Anchor-Hosting specializes in creating restaurant websites that are custom made for your business. We take care of everything… domain, hosting, website creation, images, regular updates… everything. This allows you to focus on your core business of providing excellent food and service for your customers.

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Staying Productive

While it has been a long time since I’ve updated this blog that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy! This past year has been a very good one as we continue to focus on our clients. When business is growing it becomes increasingly important to find new ways to get the most out of each day. Achieving better productivity is often a result of keeping things simple and streamlining efforts.

One of the key tools that we use to stay focused on our customers is our CRM model. Every client of has a single person that they work with to answer all of their questions. Getting results is often just an email or phone call away. You’ll never get the run-around because running around simply is not productive.

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Providing Excellent Service

The single most important reason why exists is to raise the bar on your level of service for website design, development, and hosting. We are true believers in the fact that our company’s worth is directly related to the value that we provide to our customers.

Internet technology is currently at a state where there is no reason for clients to suffer countless hours of frustration trying to accomplish simple tasks. The tools that we use to manage our websites are mature and robust. They provide the power and flexibility to accomplish most tasks with ease and expediency. Technology is not perfect by any means! There will be glitches and hiccups from time to time. I often wonder why we aren’t further advanced by now but I also realize just how far we have come in such a short amount of time. However, working on internet technologies is very exciting for us here at and we love helping our clients solve their problems.

And that’s what it’s all about for us: Providing Excellent Service. There are countless numbers of internet hosts and website developers/designers out there. We are often blown away by what some people can accomplish on a web page. The web is a constantly evolving medium and we learn new things every day. But when you strip away all of the glitz and fluff what your really need is a professional host & design team who will be there for you and who has the tools and experience to service your particular needs.

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Social Media

One of the biggest buzz words for the last year has been “Social Media”. Thanks to Hollywood and a vague frenzy that this term conjures, it’s hard to have a discussion about the internet these days without it popping up. But what does social media mean?

I had a conversation with a prospective client the other day who was intent on capturing the Social Media crowd. After awhile, I had to simply ask, “What do you mean by social media?”. There was a pause followed by more vague terms that did not amount to much. I went on to ask more pointed questions about his business and his target market. We ended up with a good strategy for his website and hosting.

A term like Social Media can mean just about anything. Really. There is no common definition that is useful. The most important thing that a website owner should ask is, “Who am I  trying to reach?”. The goal for a business, club, organization, or anyone who needs a website is to present information. For a business the intent is to drive sales. For a club the intent is to support the membership and perhaps attract new members. For many organizations the intent may be to just make their message available to anyone out there who may be looking.

The potential that social media presents is to use tools that effectively reach your target market in a highly personal way. Social media website portals such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are successful because they allow people to connect and share with each other. Social media for businesses works when you have customers that are excited about your products/services and they want to share it with their friends. Social media also works by pushing your news and updates directly to customers. When customers/clients/members/prospects are connected to you, you have a powerful opportunity to reach them directly.

The best aspect of social media marketing is that once you have customers who are turned on, they share their good experience with their friends, who share it with their friends, who share it with their friends… Word of mouth is the single most effective marketing tool because we automatically trust our friends.

And that’s what social media for business is all about: inform, engage, and excite your customers/clients/members/prospects and they will spread the word for you.

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Importance of a Business Website

Have you ever searched the internet for a local business or restaurant and not found it? I was searching for a print shop the other day so I typed in very specific search words such as the exact name of the business, the street, city, and country. Nothing returned except a phone directory listing. This was better than nothing but I could have called information for that.

The vast majority of people these days want to see a professional business website. Something that conveys the essence of the business and contains all of the important information. For example, the front page should be clear, pleasing to view, and easy to navigate. Potential customers want to know the location including a map, the hours (if it is a retail shop), full contact information including email, and of course a description of products or services.

A business website does not have to be flashy but it does need to be informative and compelling.

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